Rubí is a city located in the Province of Barcelona in Catalonia (Spain), 15 kilometres away from the city of Barcelona. Rubí has a population of 73,979 inhabitants, and its area size is 33.44 km2. It is basically an industrial city, since it has up to 11 industrial areas, and more than 1.000 industrial enterprises. Rubí is one of the most industrial cities of Catalonia and Spain.

Rubí has joined strengths with the cities of Cerdanyola and Sant Cugat, to carry out the Catalonia Innovation Triangle (CIT) initiative.  One of the key objectives of the CIT agreement is to make companies more competitive, not only with local businesses but also competing all over the globalised world.

In this sense, the city of Rubí has decided to become a national and international referent in efficiency and renewable energy carried out by local authorities and entities.

Rubí city council has developed a working plan called “Rubí Brilla” to improve the competitiveness of Rubí’s different sectors, through the promotion, support and development of efficient and renewable energy solutions.

Beyond the commitment of the Covenant of Mayors, the objective is to extend the 20/20/20 plan to the industrial sector, as a main factor for improving competitiveness and the sustainability. Domestic, tertiary are also included in “Rubí Brilla” plan, as well as public buildings and facilities of course.

Furthermore, Rubí and UPC BarcelonaTech (Polytechnic University of Barcelona) have signed a cooperation and partnership agreement for the next 3 years, extendable, to develop a model of sustainable energy management in urban scale, applicable to industry, retailers and domestic environment and citizens.

With this strategic alliance UPC BarcelonaTech wants to be “the Partner” of Rubí in the project Rubí Brilla (Rubí Shines), and accompany the City Council to improve the competitiveness of the industrial sector through energy efficiency and use of renewable energy.