Targu Secuiesc

Târgu Secuiesc lies in the center of a large intermountain depression with the same name in Covasna county. It is a relatively flat area in the Carpathian bend. The town administrates 4 villages.

The county’s location and the characteristic topography creates an intermountain basin topo climate with extreme effects. Strong temperature inversions are frequent, the minimum temperatures are very low and the air movements are mild. The average annual temperature is between 7,1-7,6 degrees Celsius.

As a result of the temperature inversion (most frequently during winter), at the bottom of the depression the average temperature in January has lower or the same values as on the surrounding mountains over 1000 meters altitude. Taking into account Covasna county’s altitude the precipitation quantity is little. The average annual precipitation is 500-580 mm. The less precipitation falls during winter.

Population: The number of population in the town was 18082 in 2011.

Economy: The town was a typical guild city (artisan and trade) in the middle ages. Nowadays, clothing manufacturing is the pulling power. There is 1 reeling factory, an insulation factory, one mineral water bottling factory. The agriculture is also an important sector, the most important is the cabbage cultivation, but we can find potato cultivation also. There is cereal production (wheat, barley, maze), oilseed rape, sugar beet, etc.

Infrastructure: Cristuru Secuiesc consists of 3 large concentric circle form parts: the inner part is the historic old town, the middle circle is the inner residential zone surrounded with the outside job-zone. The town has 3 large shopping centers, all in the same area. There are 3 gas stations.

It has 5 high schools, 5 kindergartens and 3 elementary schools.

The town has an intensive cultural life.

RES potential: The most important RES potential is in wood, biomass and solar energy.

Energy related situation and energy goals: The structure of the energy sources is composed from the following: electrical energy, gas, wood and solar energy. The town have 2 implemented projects and 1 project in course. The 2 implemented projects- national project called Replacing the use of traditional energy sources with use of non-conventional energy sources- helped the town to resolve the heating of 6 institutions using heat pumps. They use solar energy to supply hot water needs for the municipal hospital, sports hall, one hotel and one secondary school. The heating of the public registration office and the city library is resolved with pellet boilers.

Târgu Secuiesc did not sign the CoM yet and they have no SEAP yet.

Webpage of the town: www.kezdi.ro