Sfantu Gheorghe

Sfântu Gheorghe is the capital city of Covasna county. Located in the central part of the country and in the historical region of Transylvania, it lies on the Olt River‘s banks, in the southeast corner of Transylvania in the Eastern Carphatian mountains, in a valley between theBaraolt Mountains and Bodoc Mountains. The city administers two villages, Chilieni (Kilyén) and Coşeni (Szotyor). The average altitude of the town is 520-580 meters above sea level. The area of the town is 10 km2. In the sourrounding are there are several mineral water springs. Sfântu Gheorghe has a temperate continental climate with hot summers and long cold winters.

Population: 54312 inhabitants (2011).

Economy: food industry (milk and meat processing), confection, textile, tobacco industry, printing industry, packing, wood processing, plastics industry, agriculture (potatoes, vegetables).

Infrastructure: From the total of 23253 households 99% have electricity, 95% drinking water and 67% of the households is connected to the sewer system. The city has a sports hall, athletics track, beach, indoor swimming pool, ski slope as well. In the town there is one nursery, 15 kindergartens, 3 primary schools, and 7 elementary schools, 10 secondary schools ad 4 placed department of a university.

The European road E578, 13E, 12E crosses the city and the country’s main railway line.

RES potential: The most important RES potential is in wood waste, biomass and solar energy.

Energy related situation and energy goals: The energy situation in the municipality can be characterised as improvisative, squandering, there is no strategy for energy use. The most important used energy sources are: gas 30%, wood 20%, electricity 30%, petrol 19%, solar energy 1%. The municipality’s future plans are to improve and to change the public lighting, the heating system and the transport system of the town into a sustainable network. The municipality’s long-term plan is to increase the rate of use of green energy in the town and to introduce energy-efficiency in public administration.

The town plans to introduce green energy in public lighting and heating.

The municipality has changed the traditional light bulbs into economic light bulbs in the town centre.

They plan to reduce the energy wastage and to build a sustainable and more sophisticated public lighting system.

Sfântu Gheorghe has signed the Covenant of Mayors in September 2011, and now they are working on their SEAP. The SEAP is expected to be prepared until 2013 March.They are in the data collection phase.

From spring 2013 the town plans to begins a large-scale rearrangement of the city center. There will take place such development and transformation works which will define the city center’s image for the next 50 years. In these plan the following actions are present: building insulations, street reconstructions, sewer and water system upgrade, renewal of the public lightning, creating new parking lots, including underground parking lots, creation of a new public park, etc.

Webpage of the town: www.sepsiszentgyorgyinfo.ro