Cristuru Secuiesc

Cristuru Secuiesc lies on the eastern edge of the Transylvanian Basin, between the Nagyküküllő river, Gagy creek and White Nyikó river, on 390-395 meters above sea level, on 4462 acres. The town is surrounded by several high grounds with 500-600 meter heights. It is a typical hill region, it represents the edge of the Transylvanian Basin.

Population: The number of population in the town is 9491 (2011).

Economy: The economy of this town is supported by the following activities: furniture manufacturing, construction, manufacture of special steels, food industry (milk and meat processing), commerce and services. Agriculture (land cultivation) and livestock breeding also plays an important role.

Infrastructure: The town falls a little bit apart from the main traffic lines, on it’s territory runs the the railway wing-line of Szekelyudvarhely and county road no.137.

RES potential: The most important RES potential is in solar energy and wood waste.

Energy related situation and energy goals: The most important energy sources used in the town is the methane gas. The town wants to expand the use of solar energy in the town on public buildings and public lighting, eventually as heating supplement in schools.

The town uses energy-saving light bulbs for public lighting and uses woodchips boiler for heating the council’s building and the museum. The town prepared a preliminary study for the insulation of the schools and hospital.

The municipality didn’t make any specific investment yet, but they made preliminary studies for the renewal of the boiler house of the town to produce hot water with solar energy as a supplement.

Cristuru Secuiesc did not sign the CoM yet and they have no SEAP yet.

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