Agios Dimitrios

Agios Dimitrios
is situated in the southern eastern sector of the Region of Attica and has a permanent population of around 70.970, though it is estimated that the real population of the city is more than 85.000. Its area is about 5.364 km2 and its density is 14,340 per/km2.

Agios Dimitrios is a densely populated urban centre which mainly relies on commerce and local entrepreneurship.

The main infrastructure in Agios Dimitrios includes 20 primary schools, 7 high schools, 6 secondary schools, 7 nursery schools, 19 kindergartens, the City Hall of Agios Dimitrios, a local infirmary, a Social Care Center, a police station, a library, the Citizen’s Service Centre (KEP), 5 nursing homes, 1 open stadium, 3 basketball – volleyball stadiums, two 5×5 football courts and one 9×9 football court.

Municipality of Agios Dimitrios has signed the CoM on 05 February 2010 and during the next months will complete and submit to the city council the Sustainable Energy Action Plan.

The goal set by the municipality is to reduce CO2 emissions by almost 21% with a net implementation cost of 11 million €, by 2020.

In order to succeed this goal the most important energy actions (included in the SEAP) are:

  1. Municipal buildings: Energy improvement in municipal buildings, Use of geothermal energy for the heating and cooling of municipal buildings, Photovoltaic’s installation in a series of public buildings
  2. Domestic and tertiary sector: Local stakeholders forums, Information / awareness campaigns
  3. Municipal lighting: Installation of energy saving systems in street lighting
  4. Municipal and public transportation: Progressive replacement of municipal transportation and fleet vehicles, Promotion of Eco-driving, Training of the municipal fleet’s drivers on Eco-driving
  5. Other actions: Promotion of renewable energy sources, Green procurement implementation, Implementation of traffic regulations and bioclimatic urban renewal projects in order to increase vegetation and planting and reduce vehicle traffic, Monitor and report of the energy consumption in accordance with the CoM procedures.

Except the above mentioned actions, municipality of Agios Dimitrios committed to:

  1. Improve the oldest municipal buildings in order to achieve an overall Energy Saving
  2. Replace all Municipality’s external lamps with low energy bulbs

Finally, in the framework of the Covenant of Mayors initiative, municipality of Agios Dimitrios will implement the following actions:

  1. SEAP approval and commitment by the city council for the reduction of CO2 emissions by at least 20 % by 2020
  2. Ensure municipality’s sufficient resources for the SEAP strategies and actions until 2020
  3. Availability of a CO2 baseline emission inventory (BEI)
  4. Identification of energy KPI’s and essential financing sources
  5. SEAP submission and template filling in accordance with the CoM procedures