Ilioupoli (meaning “sun city”) is located in central part of Attica, on the western slopes of Mount Hymettus by following the geophysical features. It lies about 6 km from the center of Athens with total area about 13 km2 of which 6,7 is forest of Hymettus.

Became Community of Ilioupoli in 1928 and Municipality in the year of 1964. Today, the western part of the Municipality (up to the foothills of Hymettus) is urbanized having the businesses within its main avenues and streets. According to the census of 2011, there were 78.153 people living in the city. The forest of Hymettus lies to the northeast side of the municipality and has been characterized as a Natura 2000 area for the protection of birdlife and habitats.

Municipality of Ilioupolis is particularly sensitive to the environment and promotes green inside the city limits and in the suburban forest. Relevant programs in which the municipality is involved:

  1. Green life in the city” Program. Regional action. Ministry of Economy, competitiveness and shipping co-financed by National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF). Budget involved 2.750.000,00 €
  2. the LIFE+ Project LIFE08 ENV_GR_000553, named FORESTCITIES, which is the Local Authorities Alliance For Forest Fires Prevention

Municipality of Ilioupoli has signed the CoM on 28 April 2011 while the submitted SEAP was approved by the city council on 30 October 2012.

Within the city of Ilioupoli, the carbon emissions are estimated at 386,796 tons of CO2 annually, having 2009 as a reference year. The goal set by the municipality is to reduce these emissions by 20.36% (78,759 tons of C02 per year by 2020). In order to succeed this goal the most important energy actions (included in the SEAP ) are:

  1. Public buildings: energy improvement and certification, installation of electric and thermal energy consumption recording systems, PVs installation in schools

Informing and educating users of public buildings (employees and citizens)

  1. Home & tertiary sector: Local stakeholders forums, Information / awareness campaigns, Distribution of energy saving lamps, Campaigns to promote national program “EXOIKONOMO KAT’ OIKON” (program NSRF 2007-2013), “BUILDING THE FUTURE” (program NSRF 2007-2013) and “PVs IN ROOFS”.
  2. Municipal Vehicles and transport: Replacement of petrol municipal vehicles (use natural gas vehicles , biodiesel fuel vehicles), Compilation of Urban Mobility Study, Promotion of Eco-driving, Improvement of performance of municipal fleet.
  3. Municipal lighting: Use of low energy bulbs in order to meet the needs in municipal lighting, Installation of Led lighting fixtures, centralized management and control of all road lighting
  4. Other measures: Promotion of renewable energy, Implementation of energy criteria in public procurement.