Ilion is a suburb in the northwest part of Athens. Ilion is located 8 km far from the centre of Athens and is divided into 7 separate districts and 19 neighbourhoods. According to the census of 2011, there were 84,793 people living in the city. Its area is about 9.4 km2 and its density is 8,969.96/km2.

Ilion was mainly made up of farmlands. Pasture farming and groves were common. Urban development replaced much of the farmlands between the 1950s and the 1990s and continued until the late-1990s, with little current development. Today, most of the municipality is urbanized or residential. The rocky, sparse landscape of Aigaleo lies to the west and to the north.

Municipality of Ilion has signed the CoM on 11 February 2010 while the SEAP was approved by the city council on 7 June 2012.

Within the city of Ilion, the carbon emissions are estimated at 364,773 tons of CO2 annually, having 2008 as a reference year. The goal set by the municipality is to reduce these emissions by 20.18% (73,622 tons of CO2 per year by 2020). In order to succeed this goal the most important energy actions (included in the SEAP) are:

  1. Municipal buildings: Energy improvement and certification
  2. Municipal lighting: Use of low energy bulbs in order to meet the needs in municipal lighting, centralized management and control of all road lighting, telemetry, use of BEMS technologies
  3. Domestic and tertiary sector: Local stakeholders forums, Information / awareness campaigns, Distribution of energy saving lamps, Campaigns to promote national programs
  4. Vehicles & transport: Compilation of Urban Mobility Study, Promotion of sustainable urban mobility (city centre environmental improvements to enhance the environment for pedestrians and cyclists, cycle paths that will cover and connect city center, provide infrastructures for cycling), Promotion of Eco-driving, Improvement of performance of municipal fleet (use hybrid – electric vehicles, natural gas vehicles or biodiesel fuel vehicles), replacement of petrol and diesel engine vehicles with hybrid – electric vehicles
  5. Other measures: Promotion of renewable energy, Implementation of energy criteria in public procurement

Except the CoM, there are no other commitments in the field of sustainable energy policy for the municipality. However, municipality of Ilion in “Saving” program (NSRF 2007-2013 / National Strategic Reference Framework). Through this program, energy saving actions as energy improvement of building envelope, use of low energy bulbs in municipal lighting, compilation of Urban Mobility Study, information campaigns with an investment cost of 997.535,00 € will be implemented. The implemented actions will reduce municipality’s CΟ2 emissions by 1.080 tn.

Ilion has submitted two actions for approval and financing. The first one refers to energy saving on two educational buildings and the other one refers to urban reformations (infrastructures for cycling, pedestrian roads) with the use of sustainable energy materials.

Ilion has already constructed part of the cycle paths which will connect the city in future.