The HARGHITA COUNTY COUNCIL – ENERGY MANAGEMENT AGENCY (HCC – EMA) was founded in the framework of the SAVE II Program of the European Commission. With Decision no. 68/2003 the Harghita County Council founded it in 2003 as a separate legal entity, but under the authority of the Harghita County Council. Therefore, in comparison with other SAVE Agencies in Romania our Service is of county level interest.

Our main objectives are to promote the efficient use of energy, the use of renewable energy sources and implicitly to reduce environmental pollution. Our duties are:

  1. To follow the jurisdiction regarding energy and to inform all the involved actors
  2. To offer technical assistance for local authorities in the energy field
  3. To raise awareness among the population regarding the necessity of efficient use of energy
  4. To promote renewable energy sources in the public and private sector as well
  5. To create a database concerning the energy sources in Harghita county and the rate of consumption
  6. To elaborate a county level strategy in the field of energy
  7. To elaborate and implement pilot projects in Harghita county in energy field

The institution’s specific tasks are to give general and technical assistance to

  1. public and private institutions,
  2. enterprises
  3. non-governmental organizations
  4. other interested parties

in the field of:

  1. energy efficiency
  2. public lighting
  3. energy efficient building systems
  4. eco-design
  5. renewable energy sources
  6. promotion and other PR activities

Our target group includes everyone who is interested in alternative energy, energy efficiency and sustainable development, ranging from elementary school children through to adult ages. We try to approach decision-makers, entrepreneurs and customers at the same time. We try to reach students with interactive workgroup activities, case study contests, while for the adults we organize seminars and conferences.

During the last few years HCC – EMA had been involved in specific European projects, such as Wide the SEE by Successful Models, Energy Trophy, Active Access, Energy Ambassadors. In 2012 we started a new partnership in Re-SEEties project.

More information and news about HCC – EMA can be found on the following website: www.spme.ro