Building and Civil Engineering Institute ZRMK Ltd. (BCEI ZRMK) acts as an R&D and consultancy company in the building and civil engineering sector. The institute focuses on several fields concerning buildings and civil engineering including Rational Utilisation of Energy and Renewable Energy Sources in new construction and refurbishment, energy audits and concepts, energy-efficient and environment-conscious building materials, products, and technologies, and also other relevant fields: green labelling, green procurement, climate protection and sustainable development. The organisation is active on local, regional, national and European level. The most important national clients include Slovenian ministries, national Eco-Fund, municipalities, housing funds, building management companies, construction companies, larger investors and developers, as well as individual clients facing energy related problems.

The company has been continually involved in international EIE, FP5, FP6 and FP7 projects, EIE, SAVE, Altener, PHARE, EUREKA, OPET-network, COST C5 and C8, C16, C23, C25 and other projects concerning energy, environmental, and sustainability issues.

The institute implements various promotional and educational activities and awareness-raising programmes in the above mentioned fields, and regularly organizes respective workshops, seminars, and expert meetings, and produces informative and awareness-raising leaflets and brochures. The institute is responsible also for operation of the national Energy Advisory Network for households, and works in close co-operation with the Slovenian Government on drafting of various technical regulations, EPBD transposition (certification, minimum requirements) and financial instruments (eco-loans and subsidies). The company has good contacts with professional associations and chambers as well as relevant expertise to implement the proposed action in Slovenia.