The Giurgiu Municipality works as Local Public Authority since 1864 in order to solve and manage current problems of the local community and bears the responsibility for a complex system of quality public services. The Municipality participates in various national and international programs / projects, partnerships, designs projects with foreign funding and follows up the implementation of projects included in:

  1. Sustainable Development Strategy of the town (Local Agenda 21) ;
  2. Master Plan and Investment Profile of the Rousse-Giurgiu Euro-Region, documents issued in 2012 ;
  3. Annual Investment Plan

The Municipality is involved in activities related to respecting and preservation of European values: democracy, tolerance, solidarity, equity of chances.

Among the basic activities, very important is the achievement of partnerships and twinning with neighbour towns and cities on the Danube and in Europe. Important projects have been implemented in the educational field, raising people’s awareness of the need for quality public services. Our Authority is already active in projects of regional and European interest.

In respect to the energy efficiency, bearing in mind that this area has one of the highest levels of solar energy countrywide (1,500 – 1,550 kWh/m², according to STAS 1907-1 / 1997), the Municipality has successfully run several projects, such as the Pro-STO Project – Good Practices In The Implementation Of Solar Thermal Obligations, funded by the IEE 2007 Program, with a strong campaign of awareness raising in respect to the use of renewable energy. Within the same project, the Recommendation regarding the use of solar energy in new and existing buildings in Giurgiu has been drawn up, approved and afterwards strongly media-covered.

Consequently to the implementation of this project, in 2010 – 2011 the Municipality has been running the project Solar Panels For The Social Housing Blocks AB1, B01, B02 And B03 In Obor Neighborhood, NHA Blocks C8 And C9, Religious High School, the Giurgiu Town Hall by means of the Program Of Replacement Or Completion Of Classic Systems Using Solar Energy, Geo-Thermal Energy and Wind Energy, Or Other Systems Leading To The Improvement Of Air, Water & Soil Quality.

Furthermore, in order to achieve a higher energy efficiency of housing units to encourage their owners to carry out such works, the Local Rules Regarding Building Tax Exemptions For Owners Of Housing Units Who Carried Out, On Their Own Expenses, Energy Rehabilitation Works On Their Houses have been designed and approved.

With a view on the already implemented and future projects in our town, the Giurgiu Municipality is interested achieving national and European projects aiming at large-scale use of renewable energies and fulfilment of goals set for 2020. In order to reach these goals, the Giurgiu Municipality urgently needs the Action Plan for Sustainable Energy (SEAP) and will be taking human-related, technical and financial steps to carry out this Plan and to implement the steps included in it.