The Association of Municipalities Polish Network „Energie Cités” (PNEC) is a non-governmental organisation which, since 1994, supports sustainable energy planning and implementation at the local level. PNEC activities include:

  1. promotion of energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources;
  2. implementation of projects supporting sustainable energy development of Polish municipalities;
  3. organization of conferences, seminars, workshops, study tours etc. devoted to energy-related issues;
  4. supporting exchange of experience and ideas between its members;
  5. helping in identifying and obtaining funds for energy-related projects.

PNEC members are local and regional authorities from all over Poland.

During nearly 20 years of its existence PNEC participated in over 50 national and international projects in the field of sustainable energy & climate protection, organized over 100 conferences, seminars, trainings and study tours, trained over 3.500 representatives of local authorities and prepared many publications on sustainable energy issues. PNEC is a corporate member of the European network “Energy Cities” located in Besançon, France, and cooperates with partners from whole Europe.

Since April 2009 PNEC is a Covenant of Mayors Supporter and, as such, it is actively engaged in boosting the CoM implementation in Poland. It promotes the initiative among Polish municipalities, supports Polish Covenant signatories in fulfilling their commitments (including development of Baseline Emission Inventory and Sustainable Energy Action Plan, organization of Energy Days etc.) and acts as an intermediary between Polish municipalities and the Covenant of Mayors Office.

More information on PNEC and its current projects may be found on PNEC official website: