Sofia Energy Centre (SEC) is a consultancy company specialized in activities related to energy efficiency and renewable energy promotion and implementation in Bulgaria. It was established in 1997 as a successor of European Community Energy Centre Sofia (established in 1992) and has gained a lot of experience in the execution and implementation of different European energy projects like PHARE, THERMIE, SYNERGY, SAVE, ALTENER, FP4, FP5, FP6 and IEE projects and actions. SEC has been working as a Member of the EU OPET Network (Organizations for Promotion of Energy Technologies), with the main aim to disseminate information and promote the benefits of new innovative energy technologies mainly in the fields of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency in industry buildings and transport and fossil fuels.

Among SEC core expertise fields are:

  1. Market assessments of different related sectors and technologies;
  2. Feasibility studies for particular sites;
  3. Elaboration of supporting materials for different relevant technologies and energy solutions – guidebooks, toolkits, etc.
  4. Promotion and dissemination activities like conferences, workshops, seminars;
  5. Elaboration of promotional materials – brochures, posters, leaflets
  6. Execution of promotional campaigns;
  7. Training activities for different local energy actors

SEC has been active in promotion of energy efficiency and renewable energies among local authorities and municipalities, such as Energy information network at municipal level in Bulgaria, Romania and Greece (within Balkan OPET activities) and Training of Local Authorities Experts on the Identification, Development and Implementation of Energy Efficiency Projects in Municipalities – ENEFMUN. SEC is currently involved in EIE ENNEREG project for sustainable local energy planning in Silistra Municipality, North Bulgaria along the Danube Plain.

A significant part of SEC activities has been focused on promotion of RES utilisation in Bulgaria – solar thermal and PV, wind, waste biomass – wood and agricultural, small hydro, geothermal. RES related activities and project include facilitation of local and international cooperation among biomass market actors through establishment of biomass partnerships, assistance to market actors with information about relevant technologies and economic issues, elaboration of feasibility studies and best-practice sheets, promotion and facilitation of start-up and development of production of renewable energies, training to local actors on RES utilization issues, studies on general potential for RES in Bulgaria, lists and catalogues of local equipment suppliers and manufacturers, etc.