The Regional Union of Municipalities of Attica (P.E.D.A.) is a union of 66 municipalities within the boundaries of the Attica region and the islands of the Argo-Saronic Gulf. It is managed by a 25-member board of Directors in which the Mayors and town Councilors that participate, are elected by an electoral body of 350 persons. The electoral body is appointed by the Municipalities – members of PEDA, based on their population. The term of the Board lasts four years.

The three major axes of activities of PEDA are:

  1. Representation of all municipalities of Attica towards the Government, the other bodies of Central Administration (Ministries, Organizations) and the Region of Attica,
  2. Implementation of initiatives and actions in order to improve the produced work of the municipalities of Attica aiming to upgrade the provided services to their citizens,
  3. Offers advices on the general problems of Attica.

Presidential Decree (P.D.) 75/2011

In general, the establishment and operation of PEDA is determined by P.D. 75/2011 (which replaced the P.D. 48/1999). According to that Decree, in every Region of the country operates a Regional Union of Municipalities which aims to collective representation of the local authorities of the Region, to the assumption of initiatives in order to improve the functioning of local authorities and the opinion on development issues of the Region.

The Committees of the Board of Directors:

For the effective implementation of the activities of PEDA, the Board has established eight permanent supporting Committees. The role of these Committees is crucial for the functioning of PEDA, because these Committees elaborates all proposals and suggest measures targeting the effective intervention of PEDA, for the benefit of the municipalities of Attica. Decisions are taken by the Board of Directors. The subjects of the Committees of PEDA are exactly:

  1. Institutions and Governmental Responsibilities
  2. Economic Development and Employment
  3. Social Preservation -Solidarity – Equality
  4. Environment and Quality of Life
  5. Culture – Education – Athleticism – Youth
  6. Civil Protection and Volunteering
  7. E – governance and Citizen Services
  8. Interface of Municipalities and Regions of Europe

European Projects

PEDA submits proposals for funding for several European Projects for the effective development of its activities.

These proposals, if adopted and implemented as European projects, produce know-how in order to be spread to municipalities of Attica and be utilized by them.

Lately, as far as the axis of environment is concerned, PEDA is particularly dealing with issues of energy saving, promotion of alternative energy, i.e. what is commonly called sustainable energy policies at local level. This is why PEDA supports the Covenant of Mayors (CoM), which promotes policies seeking the largest possible number of municipalities of Attica to become members of the CoM.

Nowadays, more than 25 municipalities of Attica are a member of the CoM. PEDA is working towards this direction in order to help them to fulfill their obligations arising from their status as members of the CoM. Within this framework, one of the most important actions is the development of the municipal action plans, the SEAPs in international terminology.

PEDA’s purpose is the successful implementation of the Green Twinning Project. Through this project, PEDA will gain knowledge not only on how to develop the municipal SEAP but also on how to implement it successfully.