Twinning between Giurgiu (RO) and L’ Alcudia (ES)

In the framework of the Green-Twinning project, Giurgiu, a Romanian municipality signed a twinning agreement with L’Alcúdia, a Spanish municipality in April 2013.

Kick – off meeting

The kick-off meeting of Giurgiu and L’Alcúdia was conducted on 25-26 April 2013 in L’Alcúdia Spain. Mayors of both municipalities formally signed the Memorandum of Agreement and during the two days meeting exchanged information about sustainable energy and Energy Efficiency (EE) issues in both areas.

According to the work plan and the information exchanged with Spanish partners the process for developing the SEAP started in a more active way.

After the presentations of both municipalities with respect to the economical, cultural and other aspects and identification of their vision and common goals, focus was placed on street public lighting and the experience gained by L’Alcúdia on the ESCO contracts.

In this respect, Giurgiu included in its SEAP, EE measures regarding public lighting (street and indoor lighting in schools) and developed 2 feasibility studies based on the examples of L’Alcúdia.

The possibility to implement a Public Private Partnership for street lighting in Giurgiu has been included in the feasibility study. The final decision in this regard, will be taken at the level of Giurgiu Local Council.

Other successful practices which Giurgiu learned from its twin partner have been the mobility actions (such as “walking” bus). These activities are good examples for a sustainable behavior towards EE and CO2 reduction and a complex programme for education for the young generation, too. This activity will be discussed with the actors involved, including children in order to find the best way how to adapt and implement it, according to the specific aspects in Giurgiu.

Among other activities inspired by the twin-town and already implemented by Giurgiu municipality following the visit of Mayor Mr. Nicolae BARBU and Deputy Mayor Mr. Liviu POPAZU in L’Alcúdia, are:

  1. Heightening pedestrian crossings in order to reduce vehicles’ speed (Central Station area, neighborhood of schools and other crowded areas)
  2. Setting up play areas
  3. All these twinning activities have been developed within a complex of tools such as:
  4. Study visits by politicians (Mayor and Deputy Mayor) and technicians (representatives of Mayoralty within the work group responsible for SEAP implementation)
  5. Information and knowledge exchanged within workshops and by e-mails
  6. Assistance in SEAP design

Besides, Giurgiu and L’Alcúdia members discussed about how to extend the relationship beyond project end. Some mechanism or results issued were:

  1. Widen the scope of the twinning cooperation (cultural matters).
  2. The twinning should be a two-way process. An important moment will be when the Mayor of L’Alcúdia Mr. Robert Martinez with municipal representatives will visit Giurgiu in order to learn much more about its twin town.
  3. Use of European Programs to collaborate and develop common projects.

AER, energy consultant for L’Alcúdia and within this project for Giurgiu, played an important role providing with technical expertise and experience in implementing EU projects.

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