Twinning between Ilioupoli (GR) and Maracena (ES)

In the framework of the Green-Twinning project, Ilioupoli, a Greek municipality in Attica Prefecture signed a twinning agreement with Maracena, a Spanish municipality from the Province of Granada in September 2013. The co-operation between the two municipalities as well as the twinning activities initiated in July 2013, when the twinning work plan was approved by both municipalities, and will last until March 2014.

Maracena technically supports Ilioupoli in implementing sustainable energy actions in the framework of the Covenant of Mayors initiative and more specifically in:

1. developing a public awareness campaign for children, citizens, civil servants and teachers.
2. implementing energy efficiency measures in municipal buildings.

The partnership

pic (1)The partnership is consisted of the two municipalities, Ilioupoli and Maracena that have signed the twinning agreement and of the three GREEN TWINNING partners, PEDA (Regional Union of Municipalities of Attica), AER (Energy Agency of Ribera) and EXERGIA Energy and Environment Consultants. Each partnership party has been assigned specific roles and has separate and distinguished responsibilities, as described below. The Provincial Energy Agency of Granada (APEGR) is also participating as Consultant of Maracena.

Kick – off meeting

The kick-off meeting was held through a skype teleconference on July 4, 2013. The purpose of the meeting was to formally launch the twinning and notify and bring together all partnership parties in order to ensure that they have a common understanding of the project, their roles and objectives.During the meeting the activities and environmental profile of the twinning municipalities were presented and the partnership discussed on the work plan, the training needs of Ilioupoli, the provision of specific technical assistance on SEAP actions as well as the next steps.

The kick-off meeting was attended by:

• Haroula Christofilaki and Maria Bourtsoukli, Ilioupoli
• Maria Del Carmen Reyes Ruiz, Provincial Council of Granada
• Spyros Arvanitakis, Rena Papadimitriou, Kalypso Siouna, PEDA
• Placid Madramany, AER
• Maria Athanasopoulou and Niki Komioti, EXERGIA
• Gonzalo Esteban, APEGR

Please click here to download the agenda of the meeting and the two presentations made by the municipalities.

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Memorandum of Agreement

In order to formalize the twinning agreement, Mr. Vasilis Valasopoulos (Mayor of Ilioupoli) and Mr. Noel López Linares (Mayor of Maracena) signed a co-operation agreement that officially manifests the complete commitment of twinning counterparts to developing the twinning activities.

Please click here to see the Memorandum of Agreement.

Mr.Vasilis Valasopoulos stated about this co-operation that “the adoption of a sustainable energy strategy is crucial for the Greek municipalities nowadays, because it does not only contribute to CO2 emissions reduction locally and globaly but ultimately addresses the energy poverty issue that the Local Administration is facing through significant energy bills savings. Ilioupoli already implements sustainable energy policies and hopes that it will gain know-how and expertise from other European cities through its participation in the Green-Twinning project”.

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Study visit to Maracena

Maria Bourtsoukli and Ioannis Belias, engineers οf Ilioupoli’s Programming and European projects and Technical services departments respectively, visited Maracena on 26-28 September 2013. They were informed of the below sustainable energy actions in Maracena:

• Public Lighting facilities, as well as Public Lighting control centers and Web accessibility control
• Accesibility to Open Maracena Mall, Public transport, Public Bike rental
• PV roofs in public buildings (police station, athletic centre, guest room)
• Biomass installations in public buildings
• Public awareness activities (Walking bus to primary schools (Santa Fé), Bike day, Mobile Renewable Energy exhibition)
• BPS Offices specialised in Green Roofs and passive building measures
• OTEROs construction company Offices (Geothermal, Solar, Green Roof, Passive Coolingand heating, BEMS)
• New facilities on Energy Building Control by the Granada University (Madraza Palace)
• Almeria PSA facilities on research in different Solar technologies

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Next steps

After the kick-off meeting and the study visit in Maracena, representatives of the twinning municipalities exchange ideas and experience through e-mails.

Through the twinning partnership Ilioupoli will finally implement public awareness activities such as a mobile exhibition for schools, a bike day, brochures and seminars for municipal employees, teachers and citizens. All the above mentioned activities have been implemented in Maracena municipality and were presented during the study visit.

During February, the partnership will hold a teleconference in order to discuss the progress of the milestones, the delivery/submission of the outputs and update the work plan.

For more information on the twinning between Ilioupoli and Maracena, please contact Kalypso Siouna (PEDA) at: