Septemvri (2)Climate and geography: situated on the Thracian plain, the territory is flat with some parts stretching on the slopes of Rhodope and Sredna Gora Mountains. The climate is transitional continental with mild winter and long warm autumn. The average yearly temperature is 12,2С°. Precipitation is not sufficient for agriculture so additional watering is required. About 59 % of the municipal territory is agricultural land of which 83 % is arable land. 28 % of municipal territory is covered by forests.

Population: 14 settlements with 27 243 inhabitants in total.

Infrastructure: The road network is well developed; there is also a railroad network. There is also a highway crossing the municipal territory. There is need for refurbishment of lower-class roads connecting smaller settlements. All settlements are centrally water and electricity supplied; all settlements have street lighting networks. There is also a gas supply networking on the municipal territory the municipal centre Septemvri town is connected and gas distribution network has been constructed providing natural gas to industries, public municipal buildings and private buildings.

Economy: Having in mind the developed agriculture the main industrial sector developed is food-processing industry – alcohol production, flour, bread and bakery, dairy and meat production. There is also machine repair industry – railroad wagons and locomotive repairs. Wood processing is also developed. Agriculture is represented by cereal crops harvesting, vegetable gardens and orchards, and animal breeding – sheep and cow breeding, poultry.

RES potential: due to suitable geographic condition the potential for solar thermal and PV utilization in Septemvri Municipality is high. There are six PV installations already commissioned and thirteen more under development. There is also potential for wood waste utilization. Due to animal breeding there is also potential for biogas utilization as well as biodiesel and bioethanol production and usage. There are no TPPs and HPPs constructed on the municipal territory.

There is experience in Septemvri Municipality in public building refurbishment – schools, kindergartens and administrative municipal buildings. There is also a municipal programme for energy efficiency and RES (potential assessment and measures to implement) that can be used as a basis for SEAP development and implementation.

Within Green Twinning activities Septemvri Municipality is developing knowledge on sustainable energy planning and project identification and implementation.

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Septemvri Municipality – The Administrative Building
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