Rudozem (2)Climate and geography: situated along Arda River valley at about 700-800 m above the sea level, surrounding low mountain hilly relief, climate conditions feature average yearly temperature of 9,4°C. The climate is characterized with high level of solar radiation even during winters suitable for solar thermal and PV utilization. There are deciduous forests on the municipal territory covering 82 % of territory so the potential of wood waste biomass utilization is significant.

Population: 23 settlements with 10 069 inhabitants in total.

Infrastructure: The road network is well developed. All settlements are centrally water and electricity supplied; all settlements have street lighting networks.

Economy: Industry is a major economic sector featuring lead and zinc metal ore extraction and processing. Chemical industry (hear-dying and cosmetics) is also well developed as well as wood logging and wood processing. Agriculture is mainly represented by animal breeding – sheep and cow breeding, poultry.

RES potential: due to suitable geographic condition the potential for solar thermal and PV and waste wood biomass utilization in Rudozem Municipality is high. There are three PV installations already constructed on the municipal territory – one of them is big with total installed capacity of 78,4 MWp and the other two in the range of several hundred KWp.

There is experience in Rudozem Municipality in public building refurbishment – schools, kindergartens and administrative municipal buildings. There is also a municipal programme for energy efficiency (potential assessment and measures to implement) that can be used as a basis for SEAP development and implementation.

Within Green Twinning activities Rudozem Municipality is developing knowledge on sustainable energy planning and project identification and implementation as well as considering signing CoM.

Rudozem (1)

Medieval Fortress Koznik, Rudozem
(Photo copyrights ARM)