Devin (1)Devin Municipality is situated along Vacha River valley at about 1000-1500 m above the sea level, surrounding mountain relief, climate conditions are mountainous with average yearly temperatures between 4°C and 10°C depending on the altitude, cold snowy winters with minimal temperatures up to -15° C and summers with +30° C maximum temperatures. The climate is characterized with high level of solar radiation even during winters suitable for solar thermal and PV utilization. The climate is suitable for medical tourism due to high solar radiation and clean fresh mountain air. There are thick coniferous forests on the municipal territory covering 74 % of territory so the potential of wood waste biomass utilization is significant. There are 10 geothermal springs on the municipal territory and there are also rich water resources leading to hydro power potential. There are HPPs with total installed capacity of 220 MW. Forthcoming is the construction of one more big HPP and there is potential for numerous SHPPs all around the municipality.

There are 16 settlements with 12,745 inhabitants in total in the Municipality.

The infrastructure is mainly a road network but due to the mountain relief it is rather difficult to maintain. The roads are narrow and curved. All settlements are centrally water and electricity supplied.

Industry in the municipality featured sharp decline in the recent years especially in machine building and electronics. Mostly developed sectors are hydro power production, wood processing, forestry, mineral water bottling and selling, tourism: mountain, spa, medical tourism. There are also mines for non-metal ores exploration – fluorite and others.

Due to suitable climatic and geographic conditions the potential for RES utilization in Devin Municipality is high. It is solar thermal and PV, waste wood biomass, hydropower and geothermal power. Part of this potential has been utilized already, there are five PV installations and seven small HPPs being constructed on the municipal territory.

There is a number of previous energy efficiency project mainly building refurbishment in municipal buildings (hospitals, kindergartens, schools).

Within Green Twinning activities Devin Municipality is developing knowledge on sustainable energy planning and project identification and implementation as well as considering signing CoM.