Srem (1)Śrem municipality is located in the Wielkopolska-Kujawy Lowland, in the Śrem Valley, at the height of 80 m above the sea level. It lies 40 km south of Poznań, in the central part of Wielkopolska region, where Warta River changes its course from parallel to longitudinal. The climate is moderate with the domination of Atlantic influence and with the low annual precipitation level (approx. 500 mm). The municipality covers an area of 206,19 km2 and has approx. 41 000 inhabitants (approx. 30 000 live in the town of Śrem).

Śrem is located at an important road junction and is the starting point of almost all major marked cycling routes in the region. Śrem is also a one-of-a-kind leisure spot. The town offers sports, leisure and tourist infrastructure, as well as various cultural attractions. It is famous for nationwide religion songs’ review called “Śremsong”. The event is organized annually in May and attracts lots of people. Other event worth mentioning are the Days of Śrem. It is famous for fun and sports competitions, as well as performances of Polish and foreign music stars.

Srem (2)

Bird’s-eye view of Śrem

Śrem is one of the fastest developing cities in the Greater Poland region. Its principal economic sectors are tertiary and industrial sector. Moroever, the local authorities have created the Śrem Investment Park, which constitutes part of the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone. Pro-investment policy is successfully realized there. Śrem Investment Park covers the area of 30 hectares and is divided into two parts: Eastern and Western. It offers areas intended for business activities, services, housing and recreation. It is the seat of many firms with private and foreign capital, which have invested in metallurgy, furniture production, transport, window and door production, textiles and food processing. Business activity in the area is supported by such institutions as the Craftsmen’s Guild, the Śrem Centre for Support of Small Business and the County Branch of the Wielkopolska Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

In 1997 Śrem municipality signed the partnership agreement with the city of Bergen in Germany and the city of Rožnov pod Radhoštěm in the Czech Republic. The objectives of the partnership are to establish direct ties of friendship between local communities. Befriended cities organize together joint cultural and sporting events, exhibitions, tournaments, as well as students exchanges.

Energy and environmental protection in Śrem:

Śrem is engaged in different environmentally friendly projects and initiatives – many of them focusing on energy. It is especially worth to mention the following ones:

• participation in the European DISPLAY campaign, within the framework of which the municipality committed to publicly display environmental performances of the municipal buildings. As a first step energy performance certificates were prepared for three buildings – Town Hall, Registry Office and Social Welfare Centre;
• organisation of a campaign “Śrem on a bike”;
• thermal retrofitting of selected buildings in order to improve their energy performance;
• installation of a heat pump in the central sewage treatment plant in order to extract heat from sewage;
• co-financing of individual installations aiming at utilization of solar and geothermal energy.

Moreover, companies from the energy sector plan to build in Śrem a solar power plant (approx. 2 ha) and CHP plant fueled with biomass.

In 2011 the municipality joined the Association of Municipalities Polish Network “Energie Cités” (Green Twinning project partner) – a non-governmental, non-profit organization working with local governments for the development of local sustainable energy policies. Within the Green Twinning project Śrem joined the Covenant of Mayors (on the 25th of April 2013) and started the development of the Sustainable Energy Action Plan.