Lubin (1)Lubin is a rural municipality located in the northern part of the Lower Silesia province, in the south-western part of the country. It has a favorable location near the national and transit roads, a short distance from the border with the Czech Republic and Germany. The municipality includes 31 villages – the largest ones with more than 1 000 inhabitants are: Osiek, Obora and Raszówka. 53% of the Lubin’s area is covered by agricultural land but almost 40% (more than 11 thousand acres) is forest land and wooded areas.

Lubin (2)

Bird’s-eye view of Lubin

The municipality is located in one of the warmest Polish climate regions. The basis for the development of the municipality is agriculture, production and services, including the exploitation of natural resources. In the northern part of the municipality there are located the largest in Europe copper ore deposits, operated by KGHM Polish Copper SA.

At the area of the municipality there may be found many valuable objects of cultural and historical heritage, such as the fourteenth-century churches in Chróstnik and Gogołowice, the settlement of the Lusatian culture in Kłopotow, the palace in Krzeczyn Wielki and the 19th century palace in Księginice. Also the municipality’s cultural activity is blooming – traditions are being cultivated, including those related to national holidays. Rural women associations are very active.

Lubin (3)

Ponds in Raszowa Mała (municipality of Lubin)

Constantly developing infrastructure, great natural value of the area, good transport connections to nearby cities (the city of Lubin, Legnica), free access to educational and health care centers and a number of culture, sports and social projects run by specialized municipal institutions resulted in constant growth of the Lubin’s population (now it comes to nearly 14 000 inhabitants). Not only the number of inhabitants and economic entities is growing rapidly, but also residential building industry is constantly developing. One of the primary directions of the municipality’s development is to preserve the environment and to reach sustainable development goals based on renewable energy use and reducing CO2 emissions.

In recent years the municipality of Lubin has continued its dynamic growth. Dozens of infrastructure investments were carried out: building and renovation of many road sections, sewage and water supply networks, schools, community centers and multi-purpose sports fields. Lubin actively applies for funding and uses resources from the EU funds. More than 10 projects of the total value of several million PLN are being implemented right now, and the average level of expenditure reimbursement is two thirds of the resources involved!

Lubin (4)

Primary school in Szklary Górne (municipality of Lubin)

Significant part of acquired funds is allocated for the social and educational actions required by the municipality’s residents, such as “Individualization of teaching and education process in primary schools (classes I-III) in the Municipality of Lubin” or innovative program “Counteracting digital exclusion in the community of Lubin “. In 2012 the municipality completed the construction of the entire infrastructure necessary for the implementation of this project, including installation of 20 radio masts with devices that provide internet for 100 families and 19 municipal entities.

In 2013/2014 more facilities for Lubin’s inhabitants will be created, including a multifunctional sports pavilion in Zimna Woda and a full-size sports field in Obora. Under the auspices of the Municipal Cultural Centre numerous festivals and competitions are organized, e.g. the annual outdoor event “Midsummer Night” in Bukowno, the Festival “Cabbage and Dumpling”, the festival of One Actor Theatres “Closer Theatre” and an open review of Amateur Cabaret Forms.

In 2012 the municipality of Lubin signed a partnership agreement with Sathonay-Camp, France (Rhône-Alpes region). The agreement covers almost all areas of both municipalities’ activities: education, culture, sport, ecology. It also provides an opportunity to establish and strengthen interpersonal relationships between ordinary citizens of both friendly communities.

Environmental protection in Lubin:

Lubin (5)

Ponds in Owczary (municipality of Lubin); photo: Agnieszka Bodaj

Municipality of Lubin is favoured by its exceptional natural values. There are located 18 natural landscape parks and the Area of Protected Landscape “Valley of the Black Water”. The most beautiful is the nature reserve “Cold Water”, which has already been recognized as a Special Area of Conservation Nature 2000 – “Źródliska near Cold Water”.

To protect and promote the unique character of the region, the municipality of Lubin actively participates in the work of the Local Group of Support “Heather Land” and the Local Group of Fishermen “Lower Silesia Region of Carp”. The municipality also joined the Association of Municipalities Polish Network “Energie Cités” (PNEC) – a non-governmental non-profit organization working with local governments for the development of local sustainable energy policies (and the partner of the Green Twinning project).

One of the main aims of the municipality is to ensure its sustainable development based on new technologies, both concerning energy efficiency and RES use (e.g. investing in zero-energy buildings, implementation of solar lighting projects, etc.). At the end of 2013 the municipality joined the Covenant of Mayors, thus committing to reduce its CO2 emissions by at least 20% by 2020. Now the municipality will start the development of its Sustainable Energy Action Plan using as a basis already adopted document entitled “The project of assumptions for the plan for heat, electric energy and gas fuel supply for the municipality of Lubin”.

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