Jarocin (2)Jarocin is one of the oldest cities in the Wielkopolska region. The city is located in the southern part of the region, just 70 km from the capital city – Poznań, where three national roads 11, 12 and 15 are crossed and has a population of 27 thousand residents. The dominant sectors of the economy are the furniture, clothing, machine-building and food industry and its identification mark are numerous associations and NGOs running educational institutions, a cinema, clubs and sports activities for children and young people.

An attribute of Jarocin is also a wide sport base, especially the sport center owned by the company Jarocin Sport, which is one of the most modern centers in the region. It consists of football pitches, the athletics stadium, tennis courts, sports hall, Waterpark and the complex of outdoor swimming pools. Jarocin is a city with an extremely rich and various cultural traditions. Every year it hosts talented children and young people from all over Poland and foreign countries who participate in the International Folklore Meetings, Polish Academy of Guitar and the festival of associations named We have talent. One of the events that Jarocin is most famous for is the Jarocin Festival, which every year attracts even several thousand of fans of good music.

Investment areas offered by the municipality of Jarocin are located in the city center or just beyond its borders. According to the Local Spatial Development Plan these areas were designated for industrial development – factories, storage halls as well as for economic activation. Since April 2009, the area in Golin has been a part of the Wałbrzyska Special Economic Zone INVEST – PARK.

Environmental protection in Jarocin:

Jarocin (3)In December 2012, the Jarocin Bus Lines Ltd. received 4 new Solaris Urbino 10 and Solaris Urbino 12 buses with modern, durable and economical engines that meet the most stringent environmental standards in terms of ecology. The whole fleet in possession of JLA Ltd. Jarocin is one of the newest in the country.

In the framework of the project “Retrofitting of the public buildings in the municipality of Jarocin”, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, 13 public buildings – especially schools and kindergartens – have been retrofitted. The aim of the project was to decrease air pollution by reducing energy consumption and emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

Moreover, with the funds obtained from the Financial Mechanism of the EEA (European Economic Area) the municipality carried out the thermal retrofitting of three school complexes and the building which is the seat of the Municipal Police.

Jarocin has a modern water treatment plant. Employed technologies allow them to control and monitor also the work of the other stations in the municipality, increasing safety and ensuring continuity of water supply. Thanks to the station work the quality of water supplied to residents has improved. Jarocin is also proud of its bike routes Jarocin – Cielcza – Mieszków, where light fixtures made in LED technology were installed. The project has received a special certificate for innovative projects with the use of road lighting LED luminaries from OSRAM company.

Jarocin (1)

Radoliński Palace in Jarocin. Photo: Dariusz Bógdał

Another lighting investment using LED technology was modernization of the street lighting at Bema street. Luminaires that were used are fitted with a reflector tube HD-R, which emits a focused light directed precisely to the desired surface. The result is a very low level of glare and lack of environment color variation. This is especially important when driving a car in a bad weather. By using these lighting fittings, power consumption and electricity bills have been cut by more than half compared to the use of traditional luminaires with sodium bulbs.

On the roof of the hotel Jarota twelve solar panels were installed at an angle of 45% at the highest point of the object, operating all year round. 30 m2 of solar panels provide hot water for the entire facility. The excess of solar energy is used to heat the water in the children paddling pool located near the hotel. Even when the collectors operate less efficiently, their advantages are noticeable. The hot water goes to the system in which it is only heated up a bit in the boiler room – the amount of energy required from the gas heating is much smaller than needed in case of heating “from scratch”.

There are also planned further investments in environmental systems:

  1. Complete construction of an agricultural biogas plant for the biogas production through methane fermentation and biogas processing for combined heat and power production.
  2. Construction of two wind power plants with a maximum total capacity of 1.6 MW, type ENERCON E-53. Wind turbines will be installed on towers with a height of 72 m to the hub.
  3. Construction of the “Wind Farm Jarocin East Pilot” consisting of two wind power plants with the necessary technical infrastructure with installed capacity of 5 MW.
  4. Construction of the “Wind Farm Jarocin South Pilot”, i.e. construction of 3 wind turbines with the necessary technical infrastructure, such as new and modernized roads to the plant, installment squares, exits from existing roads, electrical power cable lines 15 kV and container stations, etc.

The aim of Jarocin municipality is to reduce energy costs and consumption, which will provide savings for other needs related to the environmental protection. For the educational institutions and municipal companies a public procurement involving a group purchase of electricity was carried out in the last two years. This resulted in reducing spendings on electricity. Moreover, in recent years, audits regarding electricity consumption were conducted in public buildings and municipal companies. At present an audit regarding the consumption of thermal energy is also carried out.