Huéscar is a European city, belonging to Spain, in Andalusia, and located north of the province of Granada. The region borders Jaén, Albacete, Murcia and Almeria provinces.

Its population is of 8178 inhabitants and its extension is 473,47 km2. The main employment activities are the primary sector, agriculture, meat sector in the secondary and services sector. Economic stimulus policies are implemented through training programs and grants to developers and SMEs.

Huéscar City Council began developing its own Local Agenda 21, initiating the first stage consists of the preparation of this Initial Environmental Assessment Municipal, which aims to identify key environmental level deficiencies that exist and propose future action plans. In waste management the municipality has made a great effort with the Transfer Plant.

The main actions to be undertaken related to energy are:

  1. Promotion of Solar Parks, as well as a private pending wind energy project.
  2. Work within the Provincial energy savings plan, with the suggestions of the Municipal Energy Audit.
  3. Improvement and replacement of street lighting with LED technology and renovation of facilities of some municipal buildings with LEDs technology.
  4. Renewable Energies courses among technicians of the municipality.

Energy related data

  1. Total CO2 emissions: 39.715 Tn/year CO2eq
  2. Reduction objective: 97.776,63 Tn/year CO2eq
  3. Percentage of reduction:246,20% (Because of Renewable Energy Power Plants in project)

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