Marchal is a Spanish municipality in the province of Granada of 7.8 km2 and only 427 inhabitants. It located in the region of Guadix, north region of the province. The main economic activity is livestock. Marchal has 213 ha cultivated, being the main crop of olives to the olive oil in irrigation.

Marchal is a municipality committed to the environment and has always sought sustainability. We usually perform public awareness campaigns, placing value on the Marchal environment surroundings. As for waste management is carried out through an agreement with the provincial council.

Marchal held a Municipal Energy Audit in 2008 to reduce energy expenditure of the municipality, harnessing own energy resources, encourage the use of renewable energy, and to train local technicians in energy. The municipality has done also projects to improve public lighting, installation of solar thermal panels in municipal buildings and other actions aimed at energy optimization. Finally, in 2007 in Marchal launched a solar farm of 2 MW installed.

Energy related data

  1. Total CO2 emissions: 1.779 Tn/year CO2eq
  2. Reduction objective: 355,80 Tn/year CO2eq
  3. Percentage of reduction: 23,60 %

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