Huetor Vega

Huétor Vega is a metropolitan area municipality with an area of the municipality of 4,24 km2, and 11.805 inhabitants. It is a modern town, which adapts to the times without losing sight of their customs and traditions. It’s Geographical situation nearby to Sierra Nevada, proximity to capital and to Alhambra, excellent communications with Ronda Sur, the services features and its natural surroundings make Huétor Vega a place of great attraction, ideal for stay, enjoy your food and hospitality of its people, and its wide range of cultural, sporting and leisure activities.

The main economic activity in Huétor Vega is built around the services sector, with a little industrial presence. That is why most of the emission sources are diffuse.

Huétor Vega joined the Aalborg Charter in plenary on July 31, 2002 unanimously. The municipality is convinced of the importance of the implementation of sustainability strategies in the town.

Energy related data

  1. Total CO2 emissions: 46.935 Tn/year CO2eq
  2. Reduction objective: 9.389,94 Tn/year CO2eq
  3. Percentage of reduction: 20,00%

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