Villanueva Mesia

Villanueva Mesia is a Spanish municipality in the province of Granada, Andalusia, located in Western Granada. Currently the population of Villanueva Mesia amounts to 2,166 inhabitants in a total area of 11.18 km2.

Exists within the municipality total acreage of 820 ha, of which 268 are crops herbaceous, predominantly growing asparagus, and the remaining 552 ha are woody crops with a clear predominance of olive.

In Villanueva Mesia is being implemented Local Agenda 21. Since the Environmental Assessment was conducted and is currently implementing the Action Plan, which will set a roadmap for sustainable development in the town.

The residues, after harvest, are sent to the recovery plant and composting Alhendin, where they receive appropriate treatment for their recovery and final disposal.

In Villanueva Mesia a Municipal Energy Audit was conducted. Additionally, solar thermal panels installed in the Sports Pavilion, municipal Nursery, dining and Adult Education Center, home of the pensioner and changing rooms.

Soccer field, so that energy consumption was reduced. Also in the Cultural Centre has put a photovoltaic solar power plant connected to the 20 kW network and generates electricity.

Energy related data

  1. Total CO2 emissions: 10.470 Tn/year CO2eq
  2. Reduction objective: 2.434 Tn/year CO2eq
  3. Percentage of reduction: 23,20 %

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