Alhendin Municipality, located in the metropolitan area in Granada valley. Today the town contains a population of 8,020 citizens and its extension is 50,81 km2.

Alhendin enjoys its location on fertile lands and the Capital proximity, just 14 kilometers from the City of the Alhambra. It’s economy is centered on agriculture and services.

The municipality did in 2006 it’s Municipal Energy Audit, and since then some different measures have being made to improve the energy use in the municipality. VSAP Public Lamps have being installed in most of the whole municipality, and now a first Public LED lighting pilot project is going to be implemented with telemanagement. As well the municipality is participating in the provincial project to buy electricity in big quantities among many municipalities to save money in the energy invoice, and thus get budget for new investments related to energy improvements.

Energy related data

  1. Total CO2 emissions: 28.750 Tn/year CO2eq
  2. Reduction objective: 6.037,05 Tn/year CO2eq
  3. Percentage of reduction: 21,00%

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