01Armilla is a Spanish municipality of Province of Granada, Andalusia (Southeast of Spain). Armilla is located four miles south of the center of Granada on the N-323 linking road from Bailén to Motril. Its geographical coordinates are 37°08′ Latitude -3º37′ length. It has an area of 4 square kilometers with a flat relief, with a slight upward slope south culminating in mountain port “Sigh of the Moor”. Its average height above sea level is 663 meters.

The population of Armilla is around 23,282 inhabitants, the most abundant age group is 30-39 years. The base of the pyramid is broad, indicating that the birth rate is high and the broad peak indicates that the population is ageing, as occurs in Spain. The number of immigrants in 2009 was 2.040, coming mainly from Morocco.

It is a municipality based on tertiary services, with a small agricultural area and with a very small and underdeveloped industrial sector. Thus, over 70% of the population works in the service sector, mainly to trade in the town over 300 establishments whose main activity is trade, as well as touristic sector with 104 hotels. Farming has almost no presence in the town, about 24 ha of cultivation of snuff.02

Armilla City Council over recent years has worked extensively in municipal planning, establishing plans and ordinances reference for various general areas and regional planning, strategic development of the municipality, as well as others that cover specific areas: public lighting, waste management, and mobility, among others.

Armilla City Council is making a commitment to sustainable mobility, along with the metropolitan tram and creating bike lanes, has launched the first public rental bike system “Granada Metropolitan Area”. This initiative has been supported financially by the Government of Andalusia.

The improvement in the collection and treatment of waste makes Armilla a more sustainable city and increases the quality of the neighbors, since the system has improved collection of domestic waste, by providing residents, specific containers for oil collection to prevent discharges to the sewage system. The number of underground containers, have increased progressively, 30 groups are already installed, the last one in “Calle Real”, as well improvements have been incorporated to facilitate deposit bulky of cardboard and plastic.
Energy goals: Now the municipality is working on improving and applying the main working lines under its Sustainable Energy Action Plan, with which it aims to save an ambitious 20,86% of its CO2 emissions by 2020.

Speaking about new initiatives, as the economic crisis is affecting every program of the institution one of the main lines of work will be the next years in the field of Energy Service Companies, as the capacity of investment of the municipality is very small nowadays.

The main working lines of the SEAP are stated down here:


PROGRAM 1.1: Buildings and equipment / facilities municipal

• Action 1.1.1: Installing four detectors in public buildings.
PROGRAM 1.4: Street lighting
• Action 1.4.1: Replacing old lamps by new 100W metal halide ones.


PROGRAM 2.1: Municipal Fleet

• Action 2.1.1: control and monitoring systems in municipal fleets. Trying to optimize routes.
• Action 2.1.2: Acquisition of five electric vehicles for the township.
Program 2.2: Public Transport
• Action 2.2.1: Improved signaling, comfort and information at stops.
• Action 2.2.2: Reduced pricing and bonuses for public transport use.
• Action 2.2.3: Improved accessibility to public transport.
• Action 2.2.4: Establish a public transport service.
• Action 2.2.5.: Installing a tram service.
PROGRAM 2.3: Private transportation and commercial
• Action 2.3.1: Efficient Driving Course for 300 drivers / year.


PROGRAM 3.3: Photovoltaic

• Action 3.3.1: Installation of 10 kW photovoltaic power at City Hall.
PROGRAM 3.4: Combined heat and power
• Action 3.4.1: Installation in the town square of 306,70 meters of solar panels.


No actions


PROGRAM 5.1: Planning

• Action 5.1.1: Increase the number of bike lanes in the city.
• Action 5.1.2: Enable Cycle.
• Action 5.1.3: Urban planning criteria of sustainable mobility.
• Action 5.1.4: Planting 4.000 trees in parks, public spaces and streets of the town.

PROGRAM 5.2: Planning of transport / mobility

• Action 5.2.1: Create a pedestrian network.
• Action 5.2.2: Creating pedestrian routes.
• Action 5.2.3: Conditioning of sidewalks.
• Action 5.2.4: Remove barriers.
• Action 5.2.5: Reordering traffic.
• Action 5.2.6: Redistribution of passing traffic and connectivity between neighborhoods.
• Action 5.2.7: Traffic restrictions in the downtown area.
• Action 5.2.8: Implementation of a 30 Area
• Action 5.2.9: Implementation of calm traffic elements.
• Action 5.2.10: Regular optimally intersections giving priority to public transport.
• Action 5.2.11: Improved signaling and parking information in the municipality.
• Action 5.2.12: Creating parking for residents.
• Action 5.2.13: Creating specific parking for motorcycles.
• Action 5.2.14: Implementation of a 20 zone.
• Action 5.2.15: Creating a program to park and ride.
• Action 5.2.16: Putting in new areas points of commercial loading and unloading.


No actions


PROGRAM 7.3: Awareness and local networking

• Action 7.3.1: Awareness campaign for energy saving and efficiency. Residential Sector.
• Action 7.3.2: Awareness campaign for energy saving and efficiency. Industrial sector.
• Action 7.3.3: Awareness campaign for energy saving and efficiency. Service Sector.
• Action 7.3.4: Creating a mobile office.
• Action 7.3.5: Creating a shared car platform.
• Action 7.3.6: Creating a Municipal Forum on mobility.
• Action 7.3.7: Development of e-participation in the municipality.

PROGRAM 7.4: Training and education

• Action 7.4.1: Creating school routes.
• Action 7.4.2: Establish a bicycle rent service.
• Action 7.4.3: Promote pedestrian mobility.
• Action 7.4.4: Promotion of cycling mobility.
• Action 7.4.5: Promotion of mobility by public transport.
• Action 7.4.6: Promoting sustainable mobility in schools.
• Action 7.4.7: Energy efficiency campaign in 2500 households.