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Giurgiu has a SEAP

Giurgiu municipality was among the first municipalities which joined (in 2008) and signed (in 2009) the Covenant of Mayors in Brussels. Since then the municipality encountered a lot of problems in developing a SEAP.

03The IEE “Green Twinning” project was the opportunity to get international support in order to have this document and achieve the CoM targets.

So in the Local Council’s session from 30 January 2014 the SEAP was approved and the process for filling in the document on the electronic portal of CoM is in progress.

SEAP will help Giurgiu Municipality to achieve the target of reducing CO2 emissions in its territory with 21.05% by 2020.

Main actions from the SEAP are with respect to improve energy aspects of Giurgiu, meanwhile improving quality of life of the citizens as described bellow:

  1. Increase EE in buildings: schools, kindergartens, cultural center, residential buildings
  2. Rehabilitation for public street lighting
  3. Rehabilitation the indoor lighting in public buildings
  4. Modernization the public transport
  5. Cogeneration for heat and electricity supply
  6. Modernization the distribution network for heat supply
  7. Set at the level of Giurgiu Mayoralty a group for energy coordinated by the Deputy Mayor
  8. Info centre for energy consumers
  9. Policy for municipal waste
  10. Regulations at local level which objectives are to increase EE
  11. Development of energy audits
  12. Green Public Procurement
  13. Communication activities related to EE

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