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3rd national workshop in Athens “Energy Saving in street lighting”

PEDA organized the 3 rd national workshop with the participation of national stakeholders on January 10, 2014. In total 30 representatives of PoL municipalities and stakeholders (CRES, TEE-TCG, Algosystems, ESCOs, Aigaleo municipality, TEI of Piraeus) attended the workshop.

The workshop was focused on the experience of Ilioupoli and Ilion municipalities through the twinnings with Spanish municipalities and street lighting. The main subjects discussed between the representatives of Green Twinning municipalities and the stakeholders were:

  1. New technologies in street lighting
  2. Monitoring and control systems in street lighting
  3. ESCO’s and street lighting
  4. Sustainable procurements and contract related to street lighting
  5. Main problems that Greek municipalities face during the implementation of actions related to street lighting.